Monday, March 18, 2013

Humble Heart: A Book of Virtues (Humble Bumbles)

By: Amy Meyer Allen

This was an adorable children’s book containing nine lessons about the following virtues: humility, love, thoughtfulness, faithfulness, mercy, encouragement, comfort, courage and joy.  The characters of each lesson bring this 192 page book to life.  Characters include: Humble Honeybee, Babo Bear, Caroline Cat and many others.  I like how the author introduced the nine characters at the beginning of the book by including their pictures along with the lesson that each of them learn.  Each chapter contains about 20 pages and about half of those pages are pictures of the characters. 

I thought this was a really cute book and enjoyed the scriptures at the end of each chapter.  I think this would be a good teaching tool for children.  The stories are very short which would be good for younger children.  I also think they would enjoy the colorful pictures.  This is definitely a book I would recommend to others.  

*I received a complimentary copy of the book for review purposes from Tyndale House.       

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