Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Barefoot Summer: A Chapel Springs Romance (Book #1)

By: Denise Hunter

This book allows a glimpse into the lives of Madison McKinley and Beckett O’Reilly.  The two have known each other since their school days.  Beckett had a reputation for being the bad boy and Madison was a picture of perfection.  While Beckett came from a broken home, Madison seemed liked she had it all.  Although behind every picture of perfection there is often hidden pain.  Madison tragically lost her twin brother and while everyone else seems to have gone on with their lives she cannot seem to get past the pain.  She desperately wants the nightmares to stop and she believes that by fulfilling her brother’s dream of winning the town’s regatta that she can finally move on.  When Madison wins boating lessons at an auction she is both scared and excited to embark on this adventure of competing in the regatta.  However, plans change when her instructor is unable to fulfill his commitment and she is forced to learn from Beckett O’Reilly.  Beckett will do anything to help Madison win this race as he has kept his feelings for her buried as he believed someone like her could never be interested in him.  As the boating lessons begin the chemistry between them is undeniable.  Will a secret that Beckett has kept for years tear them apart?

Denise Hunter has written a beautiful love story with all the emotions and flaws of real life.  Two hurting people fall in love and have to figure out their way through the twists and turns in life.  I really enjoyed this story and found the characters to be very relatable.  I look forward to reading the second book in the series called Dancing with Fireflies coming in April 2014.    

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


By: Neta Jackson & Dave Jackson

Derailed is the second book in the Windy City Series.  This book focuses on the lives of Harry and Estelle Bentley who appeared in the first book Grounded.  Harry and Estelle contemplate the next phase of their lives as they consider a move into a two-flat foreclosure on Beecham Street.  This would provide them with more space as their grandson lives with them and they would like to have room for Harry’s mother.  After the Bentley’s move into the home an unexpected turn of events leaves them in a precarious position as Harry’s mother is unable to move in with them.  Due to the loss of income they were expecting from Harry’s mother they are forced to look at the options before them to determine how to pay for the new home. 

Rodney, Harry’s son, recently moved in with them as he needed a place to stay after being released from prison.  He was having a difficult time finding a job and certainly did not have the money to pay them rent.  As Harry and Estelle looked at their options they decided that it would be best if Harry went back to work after being retired from the Chicago Police Department.  He was offered a job as an undercover detective which he originally declined; however, maybe this job was the answer to their prayers. 

After much prayer and consideration, Harry decided to accept the position and began work with no time to waste.  His undercover assignments included him traveling on the train to help bust the drug cartels.  One assignment was especially difficult for Harry as he was forced to question whether a neighbor and his son were caught up in one of the large international cartels.  His neighbor seems like an unlikely suspect but his son’s past makes him a prime suspect.  Although Rodney seemed to be on the road to recovery could Harry have been deceived? 

I enjoyed getting to know Harry, Estelle and their family.  They seem like a family that could be living next door.  They are good-natured people with situations that many may be facing today.  As with Grounded, there are many life lessons to be taken from this book.  Look for books three and four coming in 2014.  The titles are Penny Wise and Pound Foolish.

*I would like to thank Worthy Publishing for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.