Monday, October 7, 2013

Take Charge of Your Emotions

By: Dr. Linda J. Solie

Dr. Linda Solie has written a book that contains seven steps to overcoming depression, anxiety, and anger.  In my opinion, when dealing with any of the above mentioned feelings/states of mind there is no quick fix in overcoming any of them.  Dr. Solie provides readers with a roadmap so they can work through what they are feeling and she illustrates ways to overcome their feelings.  I liked how it was noted in the book that there is a difference between positive thinking and helpful self-talk.  Today it seems as though many people are saying, “Just think positive and it will all work out.”  Dr. Solie wisely paints a picture of Nora who is stuck in traffic that is not moving and she is ten miles away from a client.  If she needs to meet her client in five minutes it will not benefit her to untruthfully speak that she will be there on time.  A helpful way of dealing with this situation may be for Nora to accept that she will not be on time and call the client and apologize.  She can learn from this situation and leave a little earlier next time for an appointment. 

This may be a good book for people who are willing to take the time to work through their thought process.  Dr. Solie provides charts in this book that contain a situation, helpful and unhelpful self-talk, feelings and behavior.  Everyone is different so while I think many will find this book useful there will be others who may be looking for more of a quick fix instead of a process.    

*This book was provided by Bethany House for my honest review.

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