Thursday, March 1, 2012

Miracle for Jen By: Linda Barrick

Would you like one free copy of “Miracle for Jen”?  Please leave a comment below along with your name and e-mail address.  Entries will be accepted until March 4, 2012.  On March 5th one winner will be randomly selected.  The winner will be contacted and will be mailed a certificate for a free copy of this book.  The winner must respond within 24 hours to the winner’s notification e-mail or another winner will be randomly chosen. 

Miracle for Jen is an amazing story about a family who has had to learn to trust God in the most difficult of circumstances.  The Barrick family attended church one evening and  made plans to have some family and friends over after the service.  As they were on their way home they were tragically struck by a drunk driver.  The entire family was injured but their fifteen year old daughter, Jen, sustained the most injuries.  The injuries were so bad that she was not expected to survive.  Once family and friends learned of the accident they started to pray.  The Lord heard their cries as Jen miraculously opened her eyes after lingering in a coma for five weeks.  Although her mind had sustained severe brain injuries, she woke up praying and praising the Lord.  This wonderful news still brought about many challenges as Jen was still not back to the way that she was before.  However, the Lord showed, in time, how He was answering this young girl’s prayer to serve Him more fully.   

This book chronicles the difficult, yet hopeful, journey that this family has had to endure and still endures to this day.  As I read this book, I was reminded of Proverbs 16:9 that talks about how man plans his ways but the Lord determines his steps (paraphrase).  This family was planning on returning home from church to spend time with their family and friends.  They certainly did not expect their evening to turn out the way it did, yet the Lord was there in spite of it all.  I was also reminded of why the Lord tells us to take one day at a time and not to worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:34).  None of us know what tomorrow will bring but we can find comfort in the fact that the Lord will be there will us.    

“Miracle for Jen” is such an incredible and inspiring story.  I would recommend this book to others as it gives insight into the amazing things that the Lord can do with a willing heart.  I have also included some links below that are worth checking out.  Lastly, I do not normally comment on book covers but thought this one was extremely well done.  As I learned more about the accident scene the picture from the cover really stood out in my mind.

Disclaimer:  Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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