Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Telling Yourself the Truth

By: William Beckus and Marie Chapian

I found this to be a very helpful book.  The authors discuss Misbelief Therapy and explain how to work through misbeliefs.  Many times people accept their thoughts without further challenging them.  This acceptance can often make people experience feelings and react to those feelings.  An example is given in the book about a man who was going through a divorce that he did not want.  One day he listened to what he had been telling himself.  He had thoughts about him being a failure and how nobody loved or cared about him.  He soon realized that the depression that he had been experiencing was due to his thoughts instead of his divorce.  He learned to reject those thoughts and focus on the truth.  Although not an easy process, he found that he could lead a fulfilling life.  This book contains many other examples of how lives can be changed when the lies are rejected and the truth is lived out.     

I recommend this book as I found it to be very useful.  Life can be so busy that very few people take the time to really think about what they are thinking about.  Reading this book provides some understanding as to why people may be experiencing different emotions and how to combat negative emotions.  The following are the ten misbeliefs that are discussed: Self-Talk, Depression, Anger, Anxiety, Lack of Self-Control, Self-Hate, Fear of Change, Never Taking a Chance, Our Relationship with Others and Being Indispensable.  The authors provide tools on how to combat negative thoughts and replace them with the truth.  For additional help, a study guide is provided at the back of the book for individual or group use.             
*Thank you Bethany House for providing me this book in exchange for my honest review.

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