Thursday, February 13, 2014

Confident Faith: Building a Firm Foundation for Your Beliefs

By: Mark Mittelberg

Mark Mittelberg has penned an interesting book about building a strong foundation for your faith.  The book is broken into the following three sections: Six Faith Paths, Twenty Arrows of Truth and Ten Barriers to Belief.  The first section explains what faith is and provides a questionnaire which will help in determining which of the six Faith Paths people use to base their beliefs.  The Faith Paths are as follows: Relativistic, Traditional, Authoritarian, Intuitive, Mystical and Evidential.  A chapter is dedicated to each Faith Path to provide better insight as to why people may believe the way that they do and the pros and cons to each belief system. 
The second section of the book focuses on the “Twenty Arrows of Truth.”  In this section the author primarily focuses on the Evidential Faith Path to explain how science and logic strongly support Christianity.  The third and final section of this book focuses on what the author calls “Ten Barriers to Belief.”  Some of these barriers include: Lack of Information, Personal Hurts, Control Issues and Fear. 
I thought this was a thought-provoking book.  I really enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to my family and friends.   
 *I received a complimentary copy of the book for review purposes from Tyndale House.          

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